Quick/Distress Sales

Looking to sell your property / land quickly for the best possible value? 

Look no further we specialise is quick sales, with a list of quick buyers across the globe we can ensure that your asset is sold as quick as possible for the best market value.

Distress sales are beginning to be a popular part of DGD Properties due to the high demand of clients wanted to unlock their asset values and wanting accesses to finances.

We have a sold proprieties in West Africa in under 5 working days, with the full competition and payment handed to the seller on the 6th day. Our in house team look after all legal documents, sales, and finances for you, not mention we have local and international investors wanting to invest into West Africa.

We also offer this service in the UK, with sales completing in under 2 weeks. Again we have a database of buyers from across the world who are ready to buy your property or land.

Please get in touch if you require any further information.